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Top 8 LinkedIn Tools and Solutions for Startup Founders Raising Capital

By Tzakhi Freedman

LinkedIn, the leading professional networking platform, isn’t just a goldmine for businesses seeking qualified leads; it’s also a vital hub for connecting with potential investors. Startup founders that use LinkedIn wisely book meetings with qualified investors on a regular basis, highly increasing their chances of a successful capital raise and more.  

As the digital landscape continuously evolves, a slew of tools and courses have been developed specifically to harness LinkedIn for both lead generation and investor outreach. We can divide these tools into four categories:

    1. LinkedIn courses

    2. LinkedIn automation tools

    3. Data extraction and scraping tools

    4. LinkedIn post-scheduling tools  

These same tools can be used to improve and upscale investor outreach for startups seeking to connect with VCs and accredited angels.

Top 8 Solutions for Connecting with Investors on LinkedIn

Here’s a look at some of the best tools that empower businesses to tap into the boundless potential of LinkedIn for lead generation and investor networking. Each one of these tools shines in a unique aspect of LinkedIn’s strategy, making them indispensable assets for businesses.

Courses on Making the Most Out of LinkedIn

Courses on making the most out of LinkedIn are critical for individuals and businesses aiming to harness the platform’s full potential, especially in the sphere of connecting to potential investors.  


Meet.Capital is a platform conceptualized and developed by the CEO of Native Lead, a lead generation agency with a special focus on linking startups to potential investors and facilitating capital raising. 

Through its course, Meet.Capital offers a sure-shot, free method to find, screen, reach out to, and schedule meetings with the most relevant investors. In this course, businesses can learn how to:

  • Build their investor outreach strategy.
  • Position themselves in a way that will attract investors, in both their online presence and in their pitching materials.
  • Build their own list of potential investors tailored to their needs
  • Connect with, message, and book meetings with the investors they want.
  • Systematize and delegate the process with the right tools and protocols.

Meet.Capital also offers a thoughtful 7-step guide and a newsletter that offers insights into the nuances of leveraging LinkedIn for capital raising. When there is a need for a more guided approach, Meet.Capital collaborates with Native Lead to oversee the entire process, from matching startups with the right investors to setting up meaningful conversations.

In summary, Meet.Capital serves as a comprehensive resource, supporting startups as they navigate the intricate journey of capital acquisition.

Justin Welsh's "LinkedIn operating system"

The LinkedIn Operating System is a tailor-made course for creators and entrepreneurs who are eager to share their profound knowledge but grapple with articulating their insights. It’s an ideal solution for those who still need to develop a robust system for producing high-quality LinkedIn content.

Delving deep into the essence of content creation, the course unveils the instructor’s personal strategies for content curation, templatization, creation, distribution, and growth, catering to both long-form and short-form content. 

This isn’t about fleeting hacks or shortcuts but about establishing a dependable content creation system. The objective is to enhance predictability and efficiency in the content development process.

However, it’s worth noting that this isn’t a copywriting course. While it does offer valuable insights, its primary focus is not to teach the art of copywriting but to illuminate a tried-and-true system for streamlining and enhancing content production.


LinkedIn automation tools streamline the whole process of connecting to investors by automating repetitive tasks like sending connection requests, messaging, and profile visits. These tools allow businesses to engage with a larger pool of potential investors in a more efficient manner, freeing up time for more strategic activities.


Dripify is a multifunctional LinkedIn automation tool designed to supercharge lead generation on the platform. With its diverse suite of features, users can:

  • Create Campaigns: Construct sales funnels using a range of LinkedIn actions to engage potential leads systematically.
  • Export Data: Acquire lead data, including email addresses and phone numbers, making subsequent outreach more comprehensive.
  • Analyze: Keep track of campaign performance, understand conversion rates, and gauge the efficacy of chosen strategies.
  • Respond to Leads: Use the means to promptly reply to messages from potential investors, ensuring every opportunity is noticed.
  • Manage Team: Facilitate team members by integrating them into the system and overseeing their statistics right from the control panel.

Furthermore, Dripify provides complete automation in the cloud, allowing users to generate leads and close deals on LinkedIn even when their devices are turned off. It boasts capabilities that let users circumvent weekly invitation limits, potentially sending over 500+ connection requests per week without jeopardizing LinkedIn account safety. 


Expandi is a LinkedIn outreach automation tool focused not just on mass messaging but also on authenticity. Each Expandi account has a dedicated country-based IP address, enhancing genuineness. 

The software cleverly introduces randomized delays, mimicking real human behavior, while its cloud-based architecture ensures non-stop functionality without needing your device on.

Expandi’s smart limits allow for up to 100 daily invites and messages, with an auto-withdrawal feature for pending invites. Users can precisely target potential investors using tools like Sales Navigator, ensuring outreach efforts are always on point. 

Personalization sits at the heart of Expandi, enabling sequences tailored for varying connections and incorporating dynamic placeholders and bespoke visuals. With an integrated Smart Inbox for LinkedIn and email and real-time analytics, Expandi ensures you’re always in the driver’s seat of your outreach campaigns.

Data Extraction and Scraping

Data extraction and scraping play a pivotal role in LinkedIn lead generation by systematically gathering and consolidating vast amounts of professional data from profiles. Here are some of the best data extraction and scraping tools:


Wiza is a platform that provides a service that extracts emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It allows users to turn their LinkedIn searches into actionable lists of verified emails. 

Ideal for sales and marketing professionals, Wiza streamlines the process of gathering potential lead contact information directly from LinkedIn, aiding in more efficient and targeted outreach campaigns. 

Wiza not only offers a robust solution for extracting emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator but also ensures that the emails obtained are of high quality. It achieves this by verifying each email in real time, reducing the chances of encountering bounce-backs during email campaigns. 

Wiza boasts a user-friendly interface that allows easy email extraction without intricate setups. Moreover, it integrates effortlessly with various tools and CRMs, streamlining the addition of new leads into established sales and marketing processes.

By automating the traditionally labor-intensive process of manual lead data collection, Wiza effectively boosts the productivity and effectiveness of sales and marketing teams, allowing them to focus more on strategy and engagement rather than data entry.


Evaboot specializes in finding and verifying professional email addresses, serving as a valuable tool for lead generation. Utilizing a proprietary algorithm, the platform performs LinkedIn scraping, web scraping, and pattern searches to discover email information. 

Unlike some other tools, Evaboot ensures that all found emails are server-verified, eliminating the need for a separate verification step. This is particularly useful for businesses that rely on email marketing campaigns, as it allows for more reliable data collection. 

While it charges one email credit for each attempt to find and verify an email, the system is optimized to offer a high discovery rate. Users can easily start the email-finding process with just a click, offering the choice to search for emails related to all leads or only qualified leads. 

Given its features and capabilities, Evaboot appears to be a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to enhance their email-based lead generation efforts. Notably, while Evaboot attempts to find an email, it ensures compliance with GDPR by abstaining from providing personal emails.

LinkedIn Post Scheduling

Scheduling posts on LinkedIn is a strategic move for continuous engagement, ensuring your brand remains top-of-mind for potential investors. By curating and timing content precisely, businesses can maximize visibility, drive interactions, and optimize lead-generation efforts on the platform.


Loomly is a cloud-based social media calendar management platform designed to help teams and individuals create, optimize, preview, and schedule posts for social media channels. Here are some key features and functionalities of Loomly:

  • Calendar Overview: Loomly offers a visual calendar interface where users can see all their scheduled content across different social platforms.
  • Post Ideas: Based on trending topics, RSS feeds, date-related events, and more, Loomly provides suggestions to keep your content fresh and relevant.
  • Post Optimization Tips: Before publishing, Loomly offers tips to optimize your content, such as suggesting hashtags or checking character limits.
  • Post Previews: Before posting, users can preview what their content will look like on various social platforms.
  • Collaboration Features: Loomly allows teams to collaborate on content with features like comments, approvals, and version history.
  • Analytics: Users can track the performance of their posts, understanding metrics like reach, engagements, and clicks.
  • Integration with Social Platforms: Loomly integrates with major social media platforms, allowing direct scheduling and publishing.
  • Ads Integration: Loomly also supports social media advertising, allowing users to create, preview, and manage social media ads.

Overall, Loomly provides a comprehensive toolset for social media professionals, marketing teams, and individuals to streamline their content creation, scheduling, and publishing processes, ensuring consistency and optimization in their social media strategies.

Social pilot

SocialPilot is a social media management and scheduling tool that allows businesses, professionals, and agencies to streamline their social media marketing efforts. It provides a platform for scheduling posts, analyzing performance, and managing multiple social media accounts in one place. Here are some of the main features and functionalities of SocialPilot:

  • Social Media Scheduling: Users can plan and schedule their social media posts across various platforms in advance, allowing for consistent content sharing without manual posting.
  • Bulk Scheduling: This feature enables the scheduling of numerous posts at once using a CSV or Excel file, saving time, especially for those managing multiple accounts or platforms.
  • Social Media Analytics: SocialPilot provides detailed reports on the performance of posts and accounts, allowing users to measure engagement, analyze results, and refine their strategies accordingly.
  • Content Curation: SocialPilot helps users discover new content relevant to their audience, making it easier to share fresh and engaging material.
  • Social Inbox: This feature consolidates messages and comments from different social platforms into one place, facilitating easier and more organized engagement with followers.
  • Browser Extension: SocialPilot offers a browser extension to easily schedule posts from the web.
  • Supported Platforms: SocialPilot supports a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and more.


Navigating the vast expanse of LinkedIn to connect with investors can be a formidable challenge. However, with the aid of specialized tools and platforms, businesses and individuals can effectively harness the potential that LinkedIn offers.

Whether it’s through efficient data extraction, intuitive LinkedIn automation, strategic post scheduling, or enlightening courses, the right tools can significantly help with investor connections. Our top picks for such tools include: 

1. Meet.Capital – a course that teaches businesses how to find, screen, reach out to, and schedule meetings with the most relevant investors.

2. Justin Welsh’s “LinkedIn operating system” – a course that teaches businesses how to develop a robust system for producing high-quality LinkedIn content.

3. Dripify – a LinkedIn automation tool that enables businesses to create outreach campaigns, export and analyze data, respond to leads, etc.

4. Expandi – a LinkedIn outreach automation tool making the automated outreach more authentic and personalized.

5. Wiza – a service that extracts emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

6. Evaboot – a tool that specializes in finding and verifying professional email addresses.

7. Loomly – a cloud-based social media calendar management platform.

8. Social Pilot – a social media management and scheduling tool that streamlines social media marketing efforts.

As digital platforms continue to evolve, it becomes essential for professionals to stay updated and equipped with these tools. Embracing these solutions empowers users to foster meaningful connections and achieve their business goals.


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