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Connecting Founders with Accredited Angel Investors
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We have a huge database of accredited angel investor profiles, and we know how to get startups connected with them.
Startup founders – we’re here to help you raise capital, grow and succeed. 

We drove our prices down to a minimum to support seed and pre-seed startups. Limited spots now open.

meet Accredited Angel investors

We connect you directly and in person with accredited angel investors. Startups in our program reach out to ~500 new accredited angel investors each month, each manually checked and verified by our team. We guarantee the quality of our leads, and you get to review them in advance.
We know what works and will manage and operate the outreach to these angel investors to maximize your success.

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ongoing support and clarity

Startup receive a full data-set including all investor contacts, and a detailed monthly report. We also provide our proprietary guides on how to make the most out of your LinkedIn profile and how to communicate with the angel investors we connect you with. We treat our clients with a personal touch and remain available whenever our guidance is needed.

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guidance and mentorship

We welcome you to to meet you online to share our experience and input.
Whenever possible, we bring in our rolodex to make valuable connections to investors and more. We also provide you free sessions with selected expert mentors and startup consultants.

…Native Lead has been an invaluable partner for our successful fundraising efforts, helping us identify and close investment leads seamlessly with their effective protocol.

I am a fan and proud client of Native Lead.

Peter Shiao, CEO, Immortal Studios
Connect with top decision makers, CEOs, executives and investors with advanced Lead generation on LinkedIN.
  1. We are now offering a small number of early-stage startups the opportunity to use our service at a minimum cost while enjoying extra support, and mentorship.

  2. You don’t need to give up any equity, fill out long application forms, adjust your pitch deck or waste any time. If you need guidance, we have it, but you are not committed to anything. We are here to connect you directly with angel investors so that you can meet them, get them onboard, raise capital, and win.

  3. We want to work with startups early on. As you progress, we will be here to help you meet decision makers for sales and business development and market your products.

  4. Only 4 spots available each month (one each week). Subscribe to secure your spot now.

The Native Lead team is thorough, flexible, and effective. They’ve supported PSYKHE AI’s efforts in several types of campaigns and sales initiatives. Truly comms-savvy, they really put the management at ease with taking the lead and helped us extend our reach and close meaningful investments.

Anabel Maldonado, CEO, Psykhe AI

connect with Accredited angel investors
  • Pay only $1,499/month 

  • No commitment
    (cancel any time; payments non-refundable) 

  • Reach out to hundreds of accredited investors and schedule meetings with interested angels. The potential upside is tremendous.   

  • Only 4 spots available each month. 

  • Subscribe to secure your spot now.

Frequently asked questions

The Native Lead accelerator was created so that we can provide our services to early stage startups at a discounted price, while offering extra guidance and mentorship. For startups joining our accelerator program we reach out to ~500 accredited angel investors (per month, per account).
This is our way of investing in early stage startups. We believe that the relationships we will gain by giving early stage startups an easy access to our services, will be very meaningful in the long term. At present, we can only accept 4 startups each month at this price. 

Any early-stage startup seeking to raise capital from angel investors can join the Native Lead accelerator on a first come first serve basis. 

However, we advise you to join only if you are positioned to gain from connecting with accredited angel investors. The latter are mostly interested in startups poised for fast growth, with at least some level of innovation or uniqueness. Proprietary technology, especially software, is a huge advantage. Experience and traction in raising capital are important, but if you don’t have such experience, you might want to use our program to gain it. Finally, since the outreach is conducted through LinkedIn, at least one of your startup’s founders should have an active LinkedIn account.

Once the campaigns are launched, within days you will likely receive warm responses, in person, from investors. The response rate and number of interested leads tend to gradually increase as we progress. 

The onboarding process ahead of launching your campaigns with Native Lead takes up to a week, and when needed can be completed in 3-4 business days.

We are not offering or selling you our personal network. However, as a form of cold outreach, ours is the “warmest” that can be. We connect you in person, to real people, with personalized messages that elicit direct, authentic responses. 
That being said, the founding team has a substantive personal network with many strong founders and investors, and at we often do make personal introductions on a no-commitment, friendly basis, as a way of adding extra value to our clients and partners.

We reach out directly and in person, on your behalf, from your LinkedIn profile, to investors that are manually prescreened by our team.  

Not as part of this offer. We will give you guidance on how to respond, follow up and schedule with interested investors.
FYI, as part of our standard Startup Plan and our Premium Growth plan we communicate with the potential leads in LinkedIn inbox up to the point they schedule a call on your calendar. If needed, we can also take on emailing leads, when they provide it. You can read more about our Premium Growth plan on our homepage. 

We guarantee the quality of the investor leads by giving you access to review the list in advance. If you find leads that you do not approve of, for any reason whatsoever (such as prior acquaintance), we will replace them, no questions asked. 

All the contacts we provide pass the scrutiny of our team. Each potential investor’s public profile is closely examined by a human, to ensure maximum relevance. We also screen the leads for their potential responsiveness, using our proprietary method. 

Yes. By default, we exclude your 1st level connections on LinkedIn from the lists of leads. You also have access to see the contacts of the investors before we start the outreach, and you can remove any contact you are not interested in. 

No. We cannot offer any success based model for clients using our lead generation to connect with investors, as we are not registered broker-dealers. 

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