frequently asked questions

  1. How fast will I start seeing results?

    Once the campaigns are launched, within days you will likely receive warm, interested leads responding in person to your offer. The response rate and number of interested leads tend to gradually increase as we progress. The onboarding process ahead of launching your campaigns with Native Lead takes up to a week, and when needed can be completed in 3-4 business days.

  2. Can we increase the number of leads and expand our outreach?

    Yes, there are various ways we can increase the number of leads and total outreach. Specifically, we can service more LinkedIn accounts from your team. We put a lot of effort into researching each lead, to maximize our results and efficiency. We believe that we found the right balance between scale and personalization, allowing us to do a pinpointed, accurate outreach to a significant number of leads.

  3. Do you do cold email?

    No. Cold emails are prohibited in various jurisdictions. They are also potentially hazardous to your domain, as recipients of cold emails might flag them as spam, thereby causing your domain to be blacklisted.

  4. Do you make warm or personal introductions? How big is your network?

    No. But as a form of cold outreach, ours is the “warmest” it can be. We connect you in person, to real people, with personalized messages that elicit direct, authentic responses. Interested leads are more likely to convert when they respond to you in person over direct communication.

  5. Will you schedule the calls for me?

    Yes, if you choose our Premium plan we will communicate with the leads up to the point they schedule a call on your calendar.

  6. How do you guarantee the lead quality?

    We guarantee the lead quality by submitting the list of leads to you to review and approve. If you find leads that you do not approve of, for any reason whatsoever (such as prior acquaitance), we will replace them, no questions asked.
    Our leads all pass the scrutiny of our team. Each lead’s public profile is closely examined by a human, to ensure maximum relevance to your needs. We also screen the leads for their potential responsiveness, using our proprietary method. That way we avoid reaching out to leads that are inactive or irrelevant.

  7. Can you make sure that the leads are not already part of my network?

    Yes. By default, we exclude your 1st level connections on LinkedIn from the lists of leads. We also submit the lists of leads to you to approve, so you can be sure the leads are new to you.

  8. Can we agree on a success based model?

    Yes, if you are using Native Lead to generate leads for sales, and you have a reasonable level of product-market fit, meaning that you know exactly who your clients are and what are your closing rates. We will offer a reduced monthly fee and a cost per scheduled meeting.
    If you are still exploring the market and adapting your offer and targeting, Native Lead is a great resource to learn and test your way to product market fit.
    Usually, we offer to start with our Standard or Premium programs, and negotiate new terms after three months, when we have a good understanding of how leads respond to your offer, and have gone through some a/b testing of target groups and messaging copy.
    We cannot offer any success based model for clients using our lead generation to connect with investors, as we are not registered broker-dealers.

  9. Can Native Lead take over prospecting calls or sales calls for us?

    We might be able to offer a solution for such needs, so please let us know if you are interested.
    However, by default, our clients handle all their calls and meetings themselves.

  10. I do not have a full product-market fit, can Native Lead help?

    Yes. You do not have to have a full product market-fit to work with us. We are experienced in helping you on your journey, by providing highly segmented targeting and a/b testing of our sequences. We will go with you hand in hand till you crack it and thrive.

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