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Pitching Investors: A pitch-slap is better than a B-S**t-Slap:

By Tzakhi Freedman

A pitch slap is when you make an offer to someone you just met. And everyone will advise you to avoid it.

A B-S**t slap is something worse, but many advisors actually encourage you to do it.

What is it? A B-S**t slap is when you reach out to someone you just met and start wasting their time with useless fluff:

“Love your post… “ 

(so why not simply comment on it?)

“We went to the same college” 

(as did half a million other people)

“I noticed you’re in group XXX” 

(really? I don’t remember)

“I noticed we’re both connected to Jenny” 

(Who is Jenny? I have 3000 connections)

“Can I pick your brain?” 

(Oh please don’t!)

“Here’s a free PDF/blog post I thought you’d like” 

(Do I look like I‘m bored?)

The excuse for all this is the claim that before making an offer you should start your outreach by “building a relationship”. But is it a relationship, really? Come on. Anyone can see it coming from a mile away. 

What some gurus call “building a relationship”, in this context, is just a fancy way of encouraging you to stall, and be evasive and uncanny. Ultimately, with this “relationship building”  approach you’re just waiting for the right moment to make your pitch or offer, so what’s the difference? Why waste the time of the investor you are pitching, not to mention your own? 

Don’t do the B-S**t-slap. Stop wasting your own time and the time of the people you are connecting with.

The reality is that a pitch-slap does work –  but only in very specific use cases, when the offering is a great match to the recipients needs.

Most people should probably avoid the pitch-slap AND avoid the BS**t-slap. 

The right way is to first do all the research necessary to make sure you are reaching out to the right person, one that is highly likely to be interested. When you reach out to them, present yourself and what you are doing in a very brief, respectful and unassuming manner. 

Then gauge for interest. Only if you get an indication that the investors or other person you connected with is interested in hearing more about you and your offer, do you go on to make a more substantial pitch or ask.


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