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The mysterious LinkedIn algorithm secret revealed (or is it?)

By Tzakhi Freedman

It’s time to reveal the truth. 

Many (too many) LinkedIn experts keep making claims about the inner workings of the mysterious “LinkedIn algorithm” that allegedly decides how to treat and promote different posts, profiles, and pages on LinkedIn. And they have a lot of advice to give about how to use this algorithm to your advantage. 

But is any of these advice actually useful? We’ve done our own research. Here’s the truth about the LinkedIn algorithm:

LinkedIn’s software is a highly guarded secret

It is bound to be extremely complex after years of research and development by some of the best engineers in the industry. So there probably isn’t a simple formula one can use to drive engagement on one’s posts (e.g., “comment during the first hour”).

Catering to a Massive User Base

LinkedIn has about 850,000,000 users. Any attempt to reliably assess how its “algorithm” works from the outside would require a huge amount of resources and effort, perhaps similar to what LinkedIn itself devotes to its own R&D.

Frequent, Unannounced Changes

LinkedIn is known for making unannounced adjustments to its software, and quite frequently at that. This means any understanding of the software’s functioning could be rendered obsolete almost immediately. Given this volatility, any claims to understanding LinkedIn’s software should be taken with a grain of skepticism.

Not Just One Algorithm

With its huge user base, LinkedIn has the luxury of testing different features and changes in parallel, so it is most likely exposing different users to different versions of its software at any given time.

Our Recommendation: Forget the Algorithm

Given these complexities, here’s our straightforward advice on dealing with the LinkedIn algorithm: forget about it. Don’t waste your energy trying to understand its intricate workings or even think about it. Especially ignore any advice claiming to have cracked its code.

Instead, focus on what you can control. Make your profile, company page, and content relevant, interesting, and naturally engaging. Engage with your audience authentically and consistently. That’s the real key to success on LinkedIn.


The mysterious LinkedIn algorithm, it seems, is not so mysterious after all. Instead of trying to unlock its secrets, focus on creating engaging, relevant content and forging genuine connections with your audience. 

After all, LinkedIn is about networking and sharing knowledge, not about cracking codes. So forget the algorithm, and concentrate on what truly matters: your content and your audience.


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